Welcome to BOLD

BOLD is a student-run and faculty-managed strategic communications agency at Florida International University. We provide students with hands-on, real-world experience in an authentic and professional agency environment.  Through experiential learning, students develop and sharpen their skills through real client work, workshops, team-building exercises and networking engagements with professionals and thought leaders in the communications industry.


“Working with the BOLD FIU Intern program was an absolute fantastic decision. My initial worries involved being too busy on my end to provide a syllabus with enough tasks to follow up on. After meeting my group the first time, I knew I had something special. These students were completely self motivated, did not need reminding on tasks due, and went above and beyond any of my expectations in all areas. It was a fun experience for everyone I feel, and I would 110% recommend working with BOLD.”

Steven Bradley

“It was a pleasure working with FIU BOLD Agency. I believe the students are exceptionally bright and motivated. They have provided remarkable work with a great attitude from top-tier talent.”

Robert Taylor